Adapted to your style and budget
From choosing the colour of your kitchen walls to furnishing your bedroom, I will guide you throughout the process to create a unique and cohesive style for each room. I will provide you with general advice and trend inspirations to help you improve the visual flow between the different rooms of your home. I can also provide you with personalised concept boards which include home design styles and matching colour palets, as well as shopping options.


For clients wanting to sell their house.

Homestaging is all about preparing your home for sale in such a way that it generates more interest and helps you sell your house quicker and at a higher price. I can help you depersonalise your house and also supply you with home décor to highlight your house's style and flair. Want to sell your house swiftly and for more money?


Does your home need a declutter ? Do you need help to reorganise your belongings ? I can assist you clearing up the space and making your home look nicer and tidier. The benefits of decluttering go way beyond making your home look good, it will also help you feel good, as your home will look its best with a sense of calmness and serenity added to it. 

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